Selecting the perfect frames for our prints has been an extensive process. After countless samples received, delivery tests and a few mishaps along the way, we finally settled on our current framing options you see available in the art print collection. So, I thought it would be good for us to take a little deeper look at the frame options available, the specification and what to expect when receiving your LoveLi art.

Frame Quality
The quality of all our products is so important to me. I strive to provide high quality products and finishes as I feel it's important for an online business to deliver on this as you cannot physically look and feel the item in your hands beforehand (unless you pop along and see us at an event).

Our art prints are professionally printed and framed. The frames are created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. The frame has a square profile measuring 20mm (front face) by 23mm (depth from wall).

The glazing we use is a high quality perspex that give a glass like finish. Why do we not use glass? - Well it's to avoid the disappointment of breakages in transit, as we trialled it and the breakages were just too frequent for us to justify continuing with classic glass. I have spent hours (and I mean hours) sourcing a super high quality perspex alternative that met my high standards. You really cannot tell the difference in the finish when they are hung - the only difference is that they are super lightweight (perfect for if you need to send on as a gift).

All frames are completely sealed with framing tape and also come complete with a sawtooth hanger so they are ready to hang. So when your art print arrives all you need is a hook and you're ready to roll.

Frame Colours
We currently offer three frame colours; Black, White, and Natural (light oak)

Frame Colour Options

So what colour should you go for?
When choosing a frame colour I always think there are two things to consider; firstly, where the frame is going to be hung, wall colour, textures, room style etc and secondly, what the art is inside. Many of our typographical art prints are in black and white so for these the black or white frames work perfectly.

If there is a lot of white space on the design then a black frame is a great option as it will bring balance to the piece. On the other hand if you prefer light and and more subtle finishes, then white can work just as well. For our designs with more colour then frame colour is a real personal choice. Our natural wood frame options gives a softer finish that may work well in some interior styles but equally black and white frames can really help artwork pop. White in particular is the perfect pairing for a full bleed colour design such as our Budha quote.

Top Tip:
If you want a natural wood finish but would like a darker grain then our frames are perfect for using a wax on (obviously being careful about the artwork inside).

What about the art inside?
The print quality of each design is so important to me also and I believe it is a great point of difference between our range and other similar to use but possibly at a lower price point. Our prints are giclée printed, meaning they have superior finish quality in terms of depth and richness of colours. Where Giclée really comes into its own is in the longevity of the inks. They are essentially archival inks used that won’t fade over time when displayed in normal conditions indoors. The card stock is also of the highest quality (no flimsy poster prints here), we print on a premium museum quality art card with a smooth finish. 

Unboxing a LoveLi Art Print
So, how does your art print arrive with you I hear you ask? All our frames are shrink wrapped and have corner protectors to allow safe transit of the product in the post. They are then contained securely in a card book wrap box to keep everything nice a safe on it's journey to our customers. 

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