Hello lovely follower, sending you a great big virtual hug in this post. I have thought long and hard about what to write in this, and also what the most appropriate and sensible action should be for my small business. 

The easiest option would be to temporarily stop taking orders, and concentrate on keeping my young family safe, happy and healthy. However, after reading the government advice, online delivery services are to continue and during times of separation and uncertainty, a gift can make all the difference and card/letter writing is so important - lifting peoples spirits and ensuring we remain connected and in touch with the ones we love.

So, with this in mind I will continue to take orders for as long as possible - there may be a few delays to dispatch and delivery times depending on how things pan out. Rest assured, all deliveries that cannot be simply popped in the postbox will be collected by courier once a week  -  this means I minimise my contact with other people to get your parcel to you. It also means that deliveries are contactless as far as possible.

Please do take this time to reconnect with the somewhat forgotten art of letter writing and use our lovely card collection to send a heart felt message to that best friend you can't see, or get the kids to write to Granny and Grandad. And we also have a fabulous collection of inspirational quote art that can be instantly downloaded on the website.

Take care of you and yours, stay safe and above all remember we are in this together lovely people.
Love Li x

PS - Check out our FREE printables for some quote colour therapy (it's so calming for the soul)

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