You only have to look at the growing trend of house and renovation accounts on Insta to see that the world is full of interior lovers and amateur interior designers, that have stunning homes. In this series 'Loveliness in the wild' we're showcasing some of our favourite client abodes in all their glory. We've rounded up this interior inspiration to give you a sneak peek into what lies behind those front doors (let face it we all love a bit of a nose), and also showcase how you can replicate some of these looks yourself - you might just spot a LoveLi product or two also.

First up is the lovely Donna, who has in the past been a LoveLi brand ambassador. I'll leave it to Donna to introduce you to her stunning new build from Persimmon Homes but I had to add in a couple of my favourite shots from her Instagram account at the end. This is one house account you need to follow.

A Bit About Me...

I'm Donna, 33 and grew up in the town of Rugby. I now live in Wolverhampton with my husband and our children. Our relationship was a whirlwind and when we met I moved to the West Midlands and we rented homes for almost 12 years of our relationship. We started saving through some of that time and ended up in our 3 bed detached new build which we completed on in June 2019. I love nature and we chose this plot because it's opposite a canal. We thought it'd be great for family walks and spending time outdoors. Our main bedroom looks out across the canal and gets the most light in the house. It's lovely to see ducks and swans come by in spring. 

My Style...
For years I've loved interiors and my style has always fluctuated between cosy cottage to ultra modern but we could never really do much to our rented homes so once we bought our first home it felt like an inspirational release. I had heaps of ideas. I'm always drawn to natural materials like woods and also metals. Warmer, darker tones flood our home but we also like natural light. The furnishings are a mixture of boho and industrial style textures. In our main bedroom we wanted to keep it light, as we get so much sunshine. We opted for a coastal and boho feel. We got inspired by the beach, outdoors and the natural light that comes in and we wanted to create a haven away from everyday stresses. I use quotes and prints around my home as I love reading positive affirmations to promote a sense of well-being. This is why LoveLi's 'just breathe' print felt perfect for my dressing area within the bedroom. 

Favourite Room...
I don't have a favourite room but I have favourite areas within them. I love our open shelving in our kitchen diner where I can use plants and prints to make it feel more homely and add those personal touches. I also love our living room at night as the Hague blue on the walls feels opulent but cosy. 
My LoveLi wishlist...
If I could choose any print to add to my collection it would be the 'carpe diem, seize the day' print. It's a quote my mum loves and anything that has a meaning to you personally would perfect in any home. 

I (Li) couldn't complete this piece without mentioning the bedroom with the stunning pallet wall that Donna did for her son - just so clever and it is just so effective. And also, another fabulous wall treatment, the panelling in their dining space. This looks so lovely and adds so much character to a room that otherwise would of been a great expanse of wall space.

I hope you've enjoyed viewing this space, and having a look at some 'Loveliness in the Wild'. If you'd like to see more of this fabulous home then head over to @at_home_on_the_wharf on Insta for plenty of interior inspiration. I think you'll agree that Donna has made the very most of her space and shows that you can be super creative and add character even in a new build.

If you would like to feature in our series about interiors then please do get in touch. Whatever your style, we love featuring real homes and real people.


 Shop the look

1 - Hague Blue Paint - Farrow & Ball 

 2 - Just Breathe Print - LoveLi

 3 - Hemnes Chest of Drawers - IKEA

4 - Lissy Plant Pot  - The Corner Shop

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